Viral Video: MS Dhoni Riding Bike in His Garden with Daughter

Viral Video: MS Dhoni Riding Bike in His Garden with Daughter

MS Dhoni (MS Dhoni) is a very big name in the cricket world. A number of fans of Dhoni are in crores. Although Dhoni is often busy due to his profession, these days he is sitting free in the house due to lockdown. In this free time, Dhoni is spending a good time with his family. Especially this is a golden opportunity to have fun with your beloved daughter Jeeva Dhoni. With this, Dhoni’s wife Sakshi is also getting a chance to spend more time with her husband.

Sakshi is very active on social media. She keeps sharing videos and photos related to Dhoni on her Instagram account. More than 36 lakh people follow him on Instagram. Recently Sakshi has posted a funny video of Dhoni. In this video, Dhoni is seen running a bike in his garden area. His daughter Jiva is also seen sitting behind Dhoni on this bike. The beloved Jeeva is holding his father Dhoni tightly during this time. Dhoni’s house and garden are very beautiful as seen in the video. Many dogs are also seen roaming in this garden.

Viral Video: MS Dhoni Riding Bike in His Garden with Daughter


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Now a funny story happens that when Dhoni runs a bike in his garden, the dogs start running around. One of these dogs climbs on top of the roof of the house. These videos are very fun to watch. People are enjoying this video on social media too. For your information, let us know that Dhoni is very fond of riding a bike. Right now, due to the lockdown, he is unable to run the bike on the road, so he is enjoying a mini ride in his garden area. The best thing is that Jeeva also got a chance to enjoy this ride with her father.

Apart from Instagram, these videos are also going viral on Tiktok. In this video, people are sharing it by applying different background music. Significantly, due to the Coronavirus, there are lockdowns till 3 May in India. In such a situation, the sports industry including Bollywood is also closed. Currently, there is no activity happening anywhere. Everyone is imprisoned in their own home. These lockdowns are an important step to prevent the spread of corona infection which all celebrities are following.

If you look at the latest data of Corona positive cases in India, now this number has reached 29435. This deadly virus has killed 934 people so far. At the same time, 6869 people have recovered by defeating Corona. At present, the cases of corona are increasing daily. In such a situation, now it has to be seen how long this war against Corona in India lasted.

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