The Zoya Factor Movie Review: Dulquer Salmaan Played a Superb Role

When the Zoya Factor movie trailer came up on YouTube I did not have much expectations from this movie as It did not look that much good but It is good to see Bollywood is trying different and coming up with new and creativeness to showcase to people.

The Zoya Factor Movie Review: Dulquer Salmaan Played a Superb Role

Zoya Factor Movie Review

People also loving the creativity behind it The movie told about new things and how you can believe in luck but it is how much  luck and hard work so movie make you smile? so movie make good end? Does it is worth to watch? Let us know below in the review of The Zoya Factor Movie.

The Zoya Factor Movie Base

Zoya Solanki (Sonam Kapoor) is conceived on the day when India won the 1983 World Cup. She is viewed as fortunate for cricket by her family however is a finished failure by and by and expertly. On a task with the Indian cricket crew she grabs the attention of chief Nikhil Khoda (Dulquer Salmaan) who in a flash succumbs to her.

Gradually, her karma starts working for group India and the young men start trusting in their fortunate mascot. Nonetheless, Nikhil Khoda doesn’t have confidence in karma and has confidence in diligent work. The two separate because of false impressions pursued by a glad closure.

What is hot

There are three things that work significantly for the film. Right off the bat, it is the nearness of Dulquer Salmaan. His character of Nikhil Khoda is sincere, alluring, coy and serious and DQ nails each shade of it. He is an appeal and don’t be astonished in the event that you hear ladies spouting after the show. Abhishek Sharma, the executive holds the slender fantastical plot together with his deft heading. Sanjay Kapoor and Sikander Kher are a hoot and convey the comic punches splendidly. Presently, coming to Sonam Kapoor otherwise known as Zoya, the on-screen character is charming in the sentimental scenes with Dulquer however goes over the top at spots. Likewise, a notice of the two who do the Hindi cricket critique in the film. They are spectacular. Utsav Bhagat alters the film well while the screenplay by Neha Rakesh Sharma and Pradhuman Singh is additionally great.

What isn’t

The film has a slender plot and you can possibly appreciate it on the off chance that you treat it as a romantic comedy. It’s anything but a substance driven film. Additionally, the romantic tale among Nikhil and Zoya is excessively surged. The music could have been something more. Just Maheroo sticks out.

BL Verdict

The Zoya Factor is a sweet and charming romantic comedy. It is the ideal romantic comedy for the end of the week where you can go with your lady buddies and slobber over Dulquer Salmaan.

Overall Rating

3.5 Out of 5

So, If you have watch the movie The Zoya Factor let us know how  much you like it also share your experience with the movie in the comment section. Thank You!

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