Shefali Faced lots of displeasure of the family for “Kaata Laga” Song

Shefali Faced lots of displeasure of the family for "Kaata Laga" Song

This album of the 90s was the hallmark of Song Tab Youth and this song was the most heard in every party. When songs are being served in front of the audience by remixing the songs of today, those songs look very bad. There was a time in the music industry when songs from the 70s and 80s were remixed and those songs were People also liked a lot.

Singers such as Phalguni Pathak, Abhijeet Bhattacharya had taken out many album songs in those days. In those days in the 90s, there was a song that caught the attention of youth the most. That song was thorn Laga… ..and this song was filmed on Shefali Jariwala. Shefali became famous overnight due to this song, but she also had to hear a lot of scolding for it in her family.

Shefali Faced lots of displeasure of the family for “Kaata Laga” Song

People today know Shefali Jariwala as an actress and Bigg Boss contestant, but there was a time when her name was Thorn Laugh Girl. The choreography of the song Kanta Laga was quite spectacular and according to that time, Shefali did a very bold dance. The youth liked this song very much and since then till today, this song is often heard at every party.

Shefali, who became famous with the song Kanta Laga, shared her memory associated with this song in an interview recently. Shefali said that the place of this song in her heart cannot be described. He said that whenever someone calls him a girl with a fork, he feels very happy. These are the biggest compliments for him. This song had brought him to the pinnacle of success and he also worked in many other videos.

Father raised hands to Slap

However, all this was not very easy for Shefali. In an interview, She tells that when I told home that I had been selected for this song, everyone was very angry. His father almost slapped him in anger. Shefali told that when she was offered this song, she was studying at that time and her father said that just concentrate on studies. All this dancing and singing does not work in our family.

Shefali then persuaded her father and shot the song. There was tremendous panic as soon as the video of the song surfaced. This song was well-liked and people would dance to this song in every party. Apart from this, Shefali also did many things, but her identity remained a thorny girl for a very long time.

Recently, Shefali appeared as a contestant in Bigg Boss 13 and people got a chance to know her more closely. Shefali currently went on vacation with her husband after the show ended. Recently, she shared a picture with her husband in which her baby bump was seen. Since then, it is being speculated that Shefali is going to be a mother soon. Shefali is currently enjoying a lockdown with her husband.

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