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Nimki Mukhiya

Nimki Mukhiya Full Story 

Nimki Mukhiya is an Indian Drama Television show that started on 28 August 2017 on Star Bharat. The main aim of the show is to focus on Women Empowerment and shows what what women can do if she get the chance to perform as in this show the the girl become the Mukhiya (Head Position) in the village and make a completed difference in the World of Politics.  The shows stars are Bhumika Gurung and Abhishek Sharma.

Nimki Mukhiya – Season 1

Nimki Mukhiya

Nimki Mukhiya is also known as Nimki Vidhayak. The story, set in a little town in Bihar, manages the life of Nimki, a lighthearted, materialistic young lady who incidentally turns into the Mukhiya (head) of the town. Nimki is distraught about film, a visionary and uninformed of the haziness of the world. Nimki adores Babbu and she accepts that Babbu cherishes her, as well.

Subsequent to getting head of the town, Nimki is hitched to Babbu Singh, child of Tetar Singh, previous head of the town. Tetar’s goal to make Nimki his little girl in-law is to satisfy his political aspirations yet nobody in Babbu’s family acknowledges Nimki. They housed her in a servant’s room and rewarded her like one. Yet, Nimki accepted that Tetar’s family will adore her one day. After numerous episodes Sweety, Babbu’s sister gets to know her. In the mean time, Sweety experiences passionate feelings for BDO Abhimanyu Rai. In any case, Abhimanyu cherished Nimki furtively and he was unable to communicate his adoration and consents to wed Sweety, who has quite recently separated from her conning spouse, Rituraj.

Tetar didn’t support this and arranged against Nimki. Babbu shoots Sweety to stop her marriage with Abhimanyu. Sweety understands Abhimanyu’s affections for Nimki and henceforth chooses to leave him and remarries Rituraj, when Rituraj realizes why Sweety weds him, he extorts and assaults Sweety. Tunney knows that Rituraj assaults Sweety day by day, however keeps mum to rejoin Ahimanyu and Nimki. Nimki understands that she never adores Babbu, it was simply fascination rather she began cherishing Abhimanyu.

She sorts out a design appear in the town to raise assets for advancement, yet Tetar and Babbu are contradicted. Before the start of the design show Tetar Singh attempts to stop it and the townspeople affront him. To retaliate for his dad’s affront, during the style show Babbu assaults Nimki. In contrast to different casualties of assault, Nimki defeats her distress and again carries on with her typical life. She doesn’t change her disposition or her loot. Nimki prosecutes Babbu on assault charges, yet Babbu seizes Elina to extort Tunney into giving phony evidence against Nimki in court. She despite everything attempts to get him rebuffed, however he is announced guiltless. She at that point learns of her pregnancy.

Babbu spares his sister Sweety from being assaulted by Rituraj, at that point understands his error and asks Nimki’s absolution. He changes and begs her to give their marriage another opportunity. Seeing his changed conduct, she excuses him and moves once again into the house with him upsetting her relatives. Nimki chooses to help Babbu to show him exercise for his bad behavior yet she wouldn’t like to include her relatives in this battle thusly she keeps up a good ways from them, further baffling them.

Mahua is furious on her and doesn’t permit her to meet debilitated Monu. She asks Nimki to pick among her and Babbu and Nimki picks Babbu as he is the dad of her unborn kid. To hurt Babbu, Mahua tosses a block at Babbu however Nimki comes in the middle of and the block hits her mid-region. In the wake of understanding Nimki’s help for him, Babbu chooses to help her and picks her over his family as she, as well, picked him over her own family.

To free Sweety from Rituraaj, Nimki recommends to Babbu to challenge the political race. Tetar Singh loses control that his own child challenges him in the political decision. The two players gain the voters’ trust. One such day, Monu comes to Haveli to meet Nimki subsequent to discovering that Nimki visits Ghattola. Nimki slaps Anaro when she affronts Monu. Nimki attempts each approach to break each mainstay of Haveli. Nimki Babbu shares some lovey-dovey minutes while conversing with their unborn. Tunney has small comprehension towards Nimki’s arrangement and he alongside Abhimanyu furtively support Nimki.

Potato Singh holds an assembly in the town, where he connects himself with acclaim. He discloses to Nimki’s sister Mahuaa to stand up against Nimki and Babbu. Rituraj reprimanded Sweety for her condition after Tetar Singh wins the political decision. Simply at that point, Sweety advises the horde of townspeople not to decide in favor of Tater Singh and that he isn’t fit to be known as a human and beats Rituraaj before everybody. Potato Singh’s meeting is ruined.

After some time Babbu goes to Nimki’s home and she discloses to us the amount Nimki cherishes her sister Mahuaa and all the relatives. Mahuaa and every other person concur that Babbu has improved and all are cheerful as in the past. Babbu shows up at the chateau to take Nimki to rejoin him with his family. In Babbu’s nonappearance, Tetar and Rituraj go head to head with Sweety and Nimki and thump Nimki down on the stomach.

Annaro Devi is likewise there, seriously breaking down Nimki’s condition. Tetar Singh understands that Nimki’s condition is basic. To take out Babbu from MLA position, Tetar makes his better half Annaro Devi a pawn and thumps her down the steps while Rekha (Dabloo’s significant other) is viewing. Presently Diamond is likewise with Nimki. At the point when the police show up, Anaro Devi gives declaration against Babbu. She considers Babbu answerable for her and Nimki’s mishap. Nimki loses her youngster, irritating Babbu. Nimki and Babbu choose to rebuff each and every individual who is answerable for death of his unborn kid.

A battle Ensures among Babu and Tetar Singh. Anaro and Diamond likewise show up. Nimki disappears, Tunney, Abhimanyu and Sweety look for her. In the mean time Anaro attempts to stop Babbu and Tetar Singh’s battle. In transit, Abhimanyu and Sweety’s vehicle slams into a tree. Abhimanyu is hit on the head, seeing Sweety’s consideration and love for him, Abhimanyu picks Sweety over Nimki. Nimki shows up there and uncovers to Tetar Singh and others that it was on Rituraaj’s proposal, not hers, that Babbu chose to challenge the political race, in this way he asks Nimki. She at that point shows a recorded video where Rituraaj proposed to Babbu to acknowledge Nimki as it was the best way to win the MLA situate and conflict with his own family.

The more he resisted his family, the more voters believed him and his odds of him winning the MLA political race would increment. Tetar thumps down Babbu, Anaro doesn’t accept this and in the wake of giving her declaration against Tetar Singh she goes crazy. Nimki approaches Babbu and says that she realized he has not changed Babbu Singh and that he takes after his dad and that even were Babbu to transform, she would not excuse him, and that she is a model for the individuals who can’t represent dread of being assaulted. She marked him an attacker and said that she could never excuse him. The police at that point capture Tetar Singh. While leaving, Tetar Singh murders Rituraj with a stone. Anaro Devi can hardly imagine how her child has kicked the bucket. Nimki recollects all the past things however she wears her glasses to shroud her torment and leaves.

Nimki Mukhiya – Season 2

Nimki Mukhiya

Nimki becomes Vidhayak, she lives with Bimla Chachi and Monu. Nimki considers Tunney and Mahua answerable for her unborn’s passing. Mahua and Tunney don’t accept that for once Nimki ever asked them for what valid reason they did as such. Mahua is seeking after her instruction while Tunney does little occupations, both live in Patna. Anaro Devi can’t deal with the demise of Babbu and goes crazy. Nimki always remembers her unborn and henceforth helps Anaro Devi in her treatment.

Sweety and Abhimanyu are presently joyfully hitched, Sweety is pregnant and they live in Patna with their little girl Alina. Nimki becomes Vidhayak and comes to Patna, recovers her privileges on her cottage by drastically battling with ex-MLA. The legend of the show, Mintoo Singh, presently shows up. Mintoo Singh (played by Abhishek Sharma) is a carbon copy of Babbu, however has a totally extraordinary character. He lives with his dadi (more seasoned form of Nimki) and has two companions Pichku and Tillu. Mintoo, not at all like Babbu Singh, is an ecstatic kid.

Nimki meets the ground-breaking and great hearted Ganga Devi. While fighting outside Vidhan Bhawan, Ganga Devi is shot by a goon and she is hospitalized. It is later uncovered that she is the person who recruited the shooter to shoot her security work force with the goal that she can increase some compassion and votes. Nimki, ignorant of the genuine essence of Gangadevi, reveres her. Ganga Devi has a ruined child, Parag. While driving imprudently, he hits Anaro Devi who runs behind Mintoo Singh, thinking he is her Babbu. Nimki and Mintoo face some hit-and-miss minutes. While helping Mishra’s sister in marriage, Nimki and Mintoo need to wear a symbol of lady of the hour and man of the hour, that is the place Nimki first observed Mintoo and is totally damaged.

Nimki and Mintoo meet again in clinic where she understands that he isn’t Babbu, yet his carbon copy. Since Nimki helps in the marriage of Mishra (another MLA’s) sister without wanting to, he needs to execute her. Mintoo spares her in time. He brings her home where Dadi calls the lady of the hour’s family to fix Mintoo’s marriage. They misconstrue Nimki and Mintoo’s relationship and the coalition breaks. Mintoo thinks about Nimki. Dadi doesn’t care for Nimki in light of the fact that she is MLA. Mintoo’s mom (Ganga Devi) leaves Mintoo for governmental issues thus Dadi detests legislative issues and legislators.

Mintoo Singh gets updates on his Dadi having a cerebrum tumor and is disheartened. Coincidentally Mintoo finishes procedure of jitiya quick, Anaro Devi requests to eat food just if Babbu takes care of her. Food admission is genuinely necessary for Anaro Devi, thus Nimki chooses to change the symbol of Mintoo Singh to Babbu Singh. Mintoo Singh concurs for the equivalent and Nimki gives him preparing to become Babbu. Mintu and his companions hold a dissent before Ganga Devi’s home reciting mottos, Mintu does the dissent just for the treatment of his dadi.

Nimki attempts to conceal Mintu from her family, she realizes this will seriously affect everybody, particularly Sweety Shriya Jha. Ganga Devi traps Shukla, in this way Shukla needs to consider police and capture his own men. Ganga Devi calls Nimki and requests that her stop Mintu else he may land in a difficult situation. To intrigue Ganga Devi, Nimki with the assistance of Dadi, makes a show of Dadi’s demise.

After finding out about Dadi’s passing Mintu runs towards home. Subsequent to perceiving the injustice, Mintu chokes Nimki and resents Nimki (since Mintu realizes that Dadi is really enduring and can pass on whenever if not analyzed), in the wake of understanding his error he is sorry to Nimki and they continue their arrangement of Babbu Simgh to analyze Anaro Devi. Mintu and Nimki’s family goes to Navratri work hold by Ganga Devi.

Ganga Devi orchestrates this capacity to redirect people groups mind from Parag’s betting. Mintu and Nimki share a few minutes and move together. On Dadi’s request, Tillu, Pichku and Mintu get back part of the way through the capacity. Nimki hits the dance floor with Ganga Devi. At work Nimki meets with Tunney and Mahua and the sisters fight. Mahua leaves the capacity out of resentment, Parag Sagar Wahi gets into mischief with her.

Nimki slaps Parag for his activity. Mahua gives explanation against Nimki to the media. Around evening time Ganga Devi’s goons toss Tunney and Mahua out of the house alongside their things. After a long show, Mahua and Tunney settle in Nimki’s home. Ganga Devi endeavors to bring down the current government by utilizing a “No Confidence Motion”, she is certain that the legislature will fall. In any case, the administration gets by a two-vote edge, since Nimki and Ganga Devi vote to support, to spare Dadi (grabbed by Shukla) and to stow away the past (Mintu coerces Ganga Devi), separately.

Nobody knows where Mintu is, after the movement of rebuke, he is no place to establish. It is later uncovered that Ganga Devi grabs Mintu, Mintu spares Mahua and runs into wilderness. Ganga Devi stunts Nimki in accepting that Mintu is an inappropriate one, Nimki shoots Mintu accepting he assaulted Mahua when he is attempting to stir her from discombobulation. Everybody treats Mintu as a crook and bind him, Tillu and Pichku despise this since them two think Mintu can’t make trouble with ladies. Sweety sees Mintu and reviews her second with Babbu.

When Mahua recovers cognizance she tells truth, Nimki apologizes to Mintu. When Mintu doesn’t pardon her, Abhimanyu discloses to him how Babbu abuses Nimki. Mintu pardons her subsequent to discovering that Babbu assaults her and she thinks Mintu is doing same with her more youthful sister. In the interim Dadi falls oblivious. Nimki helps Mintu in Dadi’s activity, to restore her kindness Mintu helps Nimki by bringing Anaro to his home and deals with her as his own mom. Gajwawali Bhabhi goes into Mintu’s home to support him. Ganga Devi attempts to turn Anaro against Nimki for causing Babbu’s passing. For the good of Anaro, Mintu fills Nimki’s hairlines.

Mahua is chosen for a stunner show, it is later uncovered that she was rarely chosen and it was a snare for human dealing, a business run by Ganga Devi and Shukla. In the interim Ganga Devi and Nimki bring down Shukla’s legislature. Nimki, BDO Babu and Tunney attempt to discover Mahua’s area. They discover her and spare the caught young ladies. Nimki chooses to rebuff offender and when she learns it is as a matter of fact Ganga Devi, she deceives Ganga Devi into proposing her as the new CM. Mintu battles to admit his sentiments to Nimki when he sends off Anaro and Gajwawali Bhabhi to Nimki’s home. In the last scene Nimki drastically captures Ganga Devi and turns into the new CM of Bihar.

Nimki Mukhiya Cast

Bhumika Gurung as Namkeen “Nimki” Babu Singh (Nee’Kumari), the town’s first female Mukhiya, Babbu Singh’s previous spouse, BDO Babu’s adoration intrigue.

Abhishek Sharma as Babbu Singh, Nimki’s previous spouse, Tetar and Anaro’s child.

Nimki Mukhiya serial full episode Download

Nimki Mukhiya Hotstar

The Serial is available on the Hotstar website and its app. Now you can watch all the episodes of Nimki Mukhiya here.

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