Krishna Shroff Kissing her Boyfriend Photo Went Viral

Krishna Shroff Kissing her Boyfriend Photo Went Viral

There is a discussion in Bollywood about the debut of Star Kids films. The news related to these is frequently exposed. Still, there are many such star kids in Bollywood who like to stay away from the limelight. One of the star kids is actor Tiger Shroff’s sister and Jackie Shroff’s daughter Krishna Shroff.

Even though Krishna likes to be very far away from the camera, it can be said by looking at his fan followings on social media that he is no less than a star. This is the reason that whenever any of his pictures come out, it becomes viral on social media. A very romantic picture of her with her boyfriend has recently surfaced on social media, which is becoming increasingly viral.

Krishna Shroff Kissing her Boyfriend Photo Went Viral


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From her Instagram account, some pictures have been shared by Krishna Shroff with her boyfriend Ebon Hames. Looking at these pictures, it can be estimated how much love and romance is filled in them. In the pictures, Eban Hames is seen kissing Krishna Shroff. The special thing is also that it is getting very amazing chemistry between Krishna and Ebon. After getting these pictures, they have started getting a lot of reactions. Her style with a boyfriend is being well-liked on social media. This is the reason why they have also become very viral.

Krishna Shroff is the daughter of Jackie Shroff

Ebon Hames is a basketball player. Krishna Shroff has been dating them for a long time. Even before this, Krishna Shroff has been seen sharing such photos with his boyfriend. At the same time, if you talk about the latest pictures, then Krishna Shroff is posing while kissing his boyfriend. Looking at these pictures, it is known that these pictures have been taken during a vacation. This vacation has been enjoyed by Krishna and Ebon, these pictures are witness to this fact.

She posts on social media

It has been a speciality of Krishna and Ebon that they have never tried to hide their love. Both are often seen putting pictures related to their love on social media. Ebon is also not behind in this matter. He does not feel any hesitation in sharing his romantic photos with Krishna Shroff on social media. In an interview long ago, Krishna Shroff was told that she had met Ebon once through a friend. His family also loves Ebon and is happy with this relationship.

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