Kesari Movie Review: The Story of Real Legends Kesari

The battle of Hissaragari in the North-West Frontier Province (now Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province) of the then India on September 12, 1897, is not only India but one of the world’s most glorious stories in history. The bravery that the Sikh soldiers performed from morning to evening was unmatched.

Kesari Movie Review: The Story of Real Legends Kesari

Kesari Movie Review

Only twenty-one Sikh soldiers stopped more than ten thousand Afghans till the last soldier was martyred. In this fight, 21 Sikh soldiers and about 600 Afghans were killed. Two days later, a second detachment of the British Indian army was abducted by the Afghans and re-captured all over Saragarhi.

But what is ironic is that most Indians do not know about this great saga of bravery. There is no fault in them. Indeed, this glorious history of the 36 Sikh battalion hinds of British Indian Army deployed in Saragarhi did not give importance to the modern historians of India who should have got it. In this fight, all 21 Sikh soldiers (non-commissioned officers) were awarded posthumously, India’s highest gallantry award, the Hyindian Order of Meritahn, which was equivalent to the Hyvicturia Crossover and now the Hypermiller Cycle.

Anurag Singh’s directed Akshay Kumar’s Hikeaseeran can do the work of awakening in this generation for the youth. Obviously, the big filmmakers of popular stream usually take the courage to present any story on the big screen, when they see commercial possibilities in the story.

Kesari Movie Review

Even after making Hyaaseerihan, this math will be done, despite this, the producers and directors of this film are eligible for congratulations that they decided to bring an incident to the screen, which gives us an opportunity to be honored as an Indian.

Nonetheless, now the matter of the movie. Havildar Ishwar Singh (Akshay Kumar) and his companion Gulab Singh (Vikram Kochhar) are stationed in the Gulistan Fort of North-West Frontier Province, which is situated on the border of Afghanistan and India. To capture this fort, from time to time, Afghans continue to chant, but they fail every time.

One day, under the leadership of a cleric (Rakesh Chaturvedi), some Afghans are giving the punishment of a woman (Toranj Keon) to death because she tries to escape her husband and run away. It is not seen from Ishar Singh and he protects that woman by defying the command of her British officer. Due to this irregularity, his transfer is made all the way. Saragarhi Fort is used as a contact post between Gulistan Fort and Lokart Post.

Isher saragadi comes and takes over the charge of the post. On the other hand, the Mughal Afghan warlords, Gul Qadshah Khan (Ashwattha Bhatt) and Khan Masood (Mir Sarwar) together with the feuds of Ishwar, get together to attack Saragarhi, Gulistan and Lokart Fort.

Kesari Movie Review

On September 12, 1897, more than ten thousand Afghans reached Saragarhi and asked to surrender from Sikh soldiers. The Lokarkat message is sent from Saragarhi for help, but 36 Sikh Battalions can not get immediate help. Then, under the leadership of Ishar Singh, Sikh soldiers decide to fight till the last breath. Eshar Singh takes off his old turban and wears a kesari turban because Kesri is a symbol of valor.

The script of the film is very well written. There has been a lot of research on this. The method used to send messages from one post to another, it seems authentic. Writer Girish Kohli and director Anurag Singh have given every opportunity to emerge each character. The characters have been well-crafted. In the story, the emotions have been woven in such a way that it becomes home in the hearts of the audience.

There are light moments in this movie, which break the monotony and pulsate. Although some things in the film seem unnatural also but are not sharky. In some action scenes of Akshay Kumar, the princess of Hiblywudia genre is clearly visible.

Another feature of this movie is that there is no talk of two communal animosities anywhere in it. The directors have been able to tell their point in a balanced manner. Though cinematic discounts are taken in this historic film, yet the portrayal of the battle of Saragarhi seems authentic. Songs, music, set, background music, dialogue are absolutely in accordance with the film’s mood.

When in the background, when Haiye Va Mohe Shiva by Guru Gobind Singh creates a victory, then a different kind of atmosphere is created in the theater. The film’s cinematography is fantastic. Although the length of the film could be kept a little less. Director Anurag Singh is a big name for Punjabi films. He has directed huge hit films like Punjab’s Heyzanjabad 1984 and Hijatt and Juliet series.

Akshay Kumar’s acting is excellent. Their getup is also fantastic. They seem to be totally jealous lions. Gateway is good for all the characters. This is Akshay’s best performance so far. Rakesh Chaturvedi’s acting as a maulavi also remains remembered. All the artists and actors in the film also do justice to their characters.

When we go out of the cinema hall after seeing Hikeesarahan, these lines start to resonate in an unconscious manner. – Identify the Hussaru, who has fought for the cause of the oppressed and lost power. Surely this movie is able to reach out to the audience. This film, made on a classical saga, is not a classic film with cinematic excellence, but it is definitely excellent. If you do not have much interest in cinema then you should also watch this movie.

Kesari Movie Official Trailer 2019

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