Katrina Speaks about the Relationship Between her and Salman Khan

Katrina Kaif is a very beautiful model and actress. Katrin works for the Hindi film industry. By the way, Katrina has also worked in Telugu and Malayalam films. Katrina Kaif is one of India’s highest paid remuneration.

Katrina Speaks about the Relationship Between her and Salman Khan

Katrina Speaks about the Relationship Between her and Salman Khan

Apart from this, Katrina is considered one of the most attractive personalities. Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan top the list of Bollywood’s X Couple. Katrina and Salman never confessed to their relationship after being in relationship with each other, but after so many years, Katrina has revealed a lot to the media.

Katrina Kaif told that her and Salman Khan’s love started during the film Yuvraj. After doing this film, the closeness between the two increased, but both of them never accepted their relationship. Even after the breakup between the two, the love between them is often seen. Because of which both of these always remain in the headlines.

Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan have worked in many films together. The audience likes their pair very much. When the news of these two differences came in front of people, both of them did not work with each other for a long time. Fans were disappointed due to not seeing both of them in films together. But suddenly once again after so many years both of them took the decision to work together and “Tiger Zinda Hai” was seen together.

Katrina Kaif responded to the news of her affair with Salman Khan and said, “There is only friendship between us for 16 years. Salman Khan is a very good person and helps me without any hesitation when needed. Therefore, there is nothing but friendship between us ”. Along with this, Katrina said that Salman can do anything for his friends.

Even though Katrina calls Salman only a good friend, on many occasions, both of them have shown love for each other. Apart from this, as soon as Katrina’s name was announced at an award show, Salman Khan stood up from his seat and started clapping and whistling loudly for him.

You can see many such videos and photos on social media. This means that Katrina Kaif is very special for Salman Khan even today. Even if there is only a friendship relationship between the two.

Rumors have been spread many times about Katrina and Salman’s marriage. In which it is said again and again that both are going to get married very soon, but at the moment both of them have not found a life partner of their choice. Katrina’s name was also linked with Ranveer Kapoor after a breakup with Salman Khan. Katrina has also accepted Ranbir Kapoor and her love. But a few years ago he also had a breakup with Ranbir Kapoor.

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