Best Examples of Celebrities Who could not Handle Stardom

The Bollywood stars live as much luxury lives, their life is different from the same colorful curtains. Many times you might have heard that some stars come on the road because they become bankrupt. This is just like the world behind the curtain. If you can not handle yourself here, then it ruins you.

Something similar has happened with the stars of Bollywood who shatter the glamor at the curtain, but in real life alcohol, drugs have removed them from shine. Something went awry, but many stars got scattered in its addiction.

1.) Sanjay Dutt

Celebrities Who could not Handle Stardom

Sanjay Dutt is, however, now released from jail, but he has also seen very bad days because of the drugs. It is believed that after the death of mother Nargis, she herself became addicted to drugs. However, with the help of family members, Sanjay was kept at the Ri-Hub Center and he got cured. He was arrested in the drugs case in 1982. Then he was jailed for 5 months.

2.) Parvin Bobby

Celebrities Who could not Handle Stardom

Parvin Bobby, who was the 70s-80s most glamorous and super hit actress, was known for her bold guess. But after losing his relationship with Mahesh Bhatt, he became so weak that he started taking drugs. During this time, his health became very poor. He was treated abroad, but due to drugs, Parveen Bobby was killed.

3.) Fardeen Khan

Celebrities Who could not Handle Stardom

Fardin is now away from the camera, but Fardeen was arrested in 2001 by Mumbai Police while buying cocaine from a dealer in Juhu area. After this, he was put in the Re-Hub Center for many years. When Fardeen was cured, the court decided not to prosecute him. Although now they see that drugs have really ruined them.

4.) Manisha Koirala

Celebrities Who could not Handle Stardom

Manisha, the most famous actress of the 90s, was once known for her beauty. But after his successful career, he went to addict to drugs, smoking, and drinking. Because of this, not only did they remove the people from their films, but their body also became very bad. However, later Manisha was also associated with the Anti-Drugs Campaign.

5.) Honey Singh

Celebrities Who could not Handle Stardom

Wrapper and pop singer Honey Singh used to sing songs in most of Bollywood’s films at some time. His songs used to be the party’s life. It is said that during this time he started taking alcohol and drugs and later he could not get out of that situation. Although Honey Singh did not openly say that he was a drug addict or he treated it.

6.) Gitanjali Nagpal

Celebrities Who could not Handle Stardom

Superstar Gitanjali Nagpal has rampwoked with Sushmita Sen But he was such a drug addict that it did not only work for the maid but also did a lot for the money. In the last days of life, he had been begging for the streets of Delhi. The character of Kangana Ranaut in film fashion was inspired by Gitanjali’s life.

7.) Mumait Khan

Celebrities Who could not Handle Stardom

The name of model Mumayat Khan, who has stepped into the item girl in Bollywood, recently came to light in the drug racket case. There is a known face in the films of Muayat Khan South. Not only that, but he also worked in films with Salman, Sanjay Dutt, and Akshay Kumar.

8.) Kapil Sharma

Celebrities Who could not Handle Stardom

The real life of Kapil Sharma, who laughed at the small screen, was filled with problems, because of taking more alcohol, he started living in depression and had to leave the show also because of his very popular show, The Kapil Sharma Show but later he got his treatment.

According to a report of Bollywood Hungama, Kapil is organizing health care through the detoxification program in Ayurvedic Ashram. They are away from alcohol and have been trying to lose the weight of their 15 kilos. Kapil will return from the ashram and will prepare for the show’s preparations.

The special thing is that Kapil got inspired by Twinkle Khanna’s book ‘Pajamaz R. Forgiving’, to inspire the ashram. They went to the ashram even last year but had left the program in the middle and had started drinking again.

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